Born LA8

The future of Box Doccia is today.


LA8. A new chapter in the history of the company 2B

Just when you thought the shower could not become much more functional, 2B has created LA8. Where every movement It is simple, essential, perfect. LA8 is equipped with two exclusi- ve systems of last generation: the safety opening and the most advanced locking slowed system. The body in 8 mm cry- stal is perfectly integrated in the aluminum structure re- tractable. Unpublished balance between strenght and beauty.

LA8.Innovative Technology

Create LA8 has imposed a precise “vision”. Design a shower enclo- sures without compromises placing the customer at the centre, in fact LA8 is not only a shower with special elements but it can fasci- nate and surprise generating the desire to get it. These emotions derives from technical and structural features. LA8 has a solid, li- ght and dynamic frame with advanced opening and closing system which acts on the relation weight/magnetic attraction, unique in its genre of this segment.

The beauty of crystal 8 mm.

In 2B we call it “Necessary Beauty”, each stylistic detail is studied to create a product that emphasize the value of 8 mm crystal, its transparency, its body with racy look, without ever falling in to the excess of design. Every stylistic choice is easy but exceptional, as the technical innovation of xing wall pro les without silicone for a precise and esthetic joint.

Like LA8 there is no one


A new chapter of the story 2B

With the birth of the new series 8 mm LA8, Box Docce 2B writes a new chapter in its history, innovating completely the shower is for both a technical approach to creative thinking.

La8 positions the brand 2B in the esthetic zone market, but with technology content, exclusive and patented, making the new series unique. The corner shower was so, redesigned with slow opening and closing and built with the muscular look of the Crystal 8 mm.

Just when you thought the shower could not become even more functional, 2B created LA8.

What’s new?

La8 pivoting door, has a new handle, a zipper created for the model and a closing cushioned, true exclusive for the segment.

The innovative closing system cushions and combines the control of the leaf with a shock absorber that ensures silent and effortless closing, accompanying the door into position as a breath of air, eliminating any vibration to the hooking.

La8 sliding door, don’t slam ever, nor closing or opening and the system is armed in just 5 cm of the frame. The impossible when you do becomes possible.

And here, the customer has gone up at the center of our every thought, realising a guide from unimaginable smoothness in the union of glass and aluminum, how amazing is the millimetre precision of retractable handle design.

La8, signed 2B shower boxes is innovative technology, strength, dynamism, quiet operation.


A manufacturing reality ready for the future.

We inherited the passion, and the understanding wealth of living space as a unique and personal experience. We believe the culture of a contemporary atmosphere is the occasion to discover our origins. In this way, with passion and care, combining technology and tradition we grant innovation and customized solutions.

If you have questions about LA8 ( it happens to everyone to get a few questions , sometimes ), you already know who to ask . To us. And since we have planned from the beginning to the end LA8 we’re pretty good at answering all your questions . From ” What is the secret of closing slow ” to ” Why the slide does not bang ? “